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Real Customer Reviews: Training

Ty + King

Lori is an amazing trainer! She has that rare gift to understand dogs and how to effectively work with them.  Lori worked with King when I first got him from the shelter.   She was able to teach him the basics of how to heal, sit, down, stay, etc.    She was also able to teach me tools to continue training.  She explained to me Kings behavior and how to recognize what he is doing.  This was very helpful!  She did a great job with him and me!   King is a well balance, well trained dog now and I have Lori to thank for all her great knowledge  and also for being someone I can call if I have any questions.

Josh and Simba

I first met Lori at Libit park in Encino, when she noticed that Simba looked just like her dog, Cooper. Since Simba is my first puppy, I have been finding myself overwealmed with getting him to be receptive to me, especially in an off leash setting. Lori has since spent lots of time with me training not only his recall but improving his behavior in literally every way possible. She's incredibly invested in our training and always goes above and beyond any of my expections. The training sessions are always fun and mostly play out like games for the dog so he barely even knows he's being trained! Anyone is lucky to hire someone like Lori who so passionately care about her profession. If you're looking to have the perfect dog, I would look no further.

She taught me the idea that, "training is a lifestyle." If I have clear communication with my dog, he will habitualize the behavior. The results of this have really improved my relationship with Simba.

 Training All Doggies for life!

Lauren and Nixie

After adopting Nixie I was so overwhelmed, from the very first time Lori came to train Nixie I was instantly relieved. She had made such amazing improvements in just a few sessions, picking up commands so easily. 

Lori made the trainings fun and exciting, by turning the them into games for my dog and showing me great techniques I would have otherwise never known. In a matter of weeks Nixie learned basic obedience along with a few cute tricks. My dog loves Lori and is excited every time we see her.

Shari G. and Nico

I started using Lori Hoffman to train my puppy, Nico Bleu, about 3 weeks ago and it has made a world of difference. At only 10 weeks Lori taught me how to work with my sweet Maltese. We work on potty training, commands, obedience, crate training, and so much more. She really cares about her clients! And their owners. I highly recommend meeting Lori. She is one of a kind and she is amazing as what she does.

Marcel and Diva

Hi Lori,

I wanted to thank you for all your help & guidance with 'Diva'. I was so happy to meet a trainer like you, who has shown to truly want to help the animals & owners you come into contact with. You are so knowledgeable & competent. I felt so secure in your methods, after trying other trainers, the assistance you provided us was unmatched. I happily give you my highest recommendation. Thanks again, Marcelle Lee.