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Lori Hoffman, Balanced Trainer

Meet Lori

Hi All!! My name is Lori Hoffman. 

I have been a dog lover my entire life.  My parents were also huge dog lovers.  Throughout my childhood,  I helped my parents take care of numerous  puppies and dogs.      

As an adult my passion for dogs continued. Over 15 years ago,  I rescued my own first dog.   I fell completely head over heels for this dog.  He changed my life in the most profound way. I quit my job at the time to be with him 24/7. Daily,  I took him for many walks and visits to various dog parks. I even arranged doggie play dates! Heaven forbid he was bored.  

He turned out to be the best dog ever!!  They named him “George Clooney” of the dog park: however his real name was Booboo.  

Since his passing I have rescued many other dogs.  Currently , I have 3 dogs of my own.

Soon after,  I started my dog walking and dog sitting business.  I was already spending all my days with my dog as well as other dogs, taking them to parks, dog beaches, and the like… Throughout  the years I learned so much about dogs, being with all different kinds of dogs every day,  I also learned  from many professional trainers on various training methods.

 For  years, I have been helping people 'gratis'  with their dogs because I love training all types of dogs  and I found helping people very gratifying. 

I work  with people  tirelessly  to find the right solutions in order for their dogs to live a happy and balanced life.   

I am not merely focused on teaching obedience commands, I assist dog owners in making good choices for their particular situation, that will result in a calm & relaxed state of mind. 

I want to focus on the importance of developing a personal program for you, the dog owner, in order to bring out the animal's full potential.  By creating the best relationship possible with your pet, an unbreakable bond will be established. 

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