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Real Customer Reviews: Dog Sitting

Vanessa - Dustin

If I were a dog I would want Lori to be my pet caretaker. Lori has the highest love and respect for dogs I think a person can have.  This is why I have been taking my furbaby Dustin to Lori for over 5 years. I even moved out of the valley to the West side of LA and I still travel back to the valley to leave Dustin with her when I go on all my business trips.

Many people will say they love and respect dogs, but Lori genuinely does, and she backs that up in her actions by giving dogs what they need. This includes plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, oral stimulation, love, fun & play, and healthy food.  

Lori has an extreme commitment to meeting a dog's needs every single day. She takes them for long walks so they can have exercise and mental stimulation. She walks longer than most pet caretakers, she lets the dogs tell her when they have had enough of a walk.  

She takes them shopping at the pet store so they can enjoy all the smells and be mentally stimulated.  

She takes them for playdates so they can play and socialize. She only takes in non-aggressive dogs so that she has a pack that walks and plays well together.

She takes them to the beach for exercise and play.  

She makes sure they have owner pre-approved bones or bully sticks so they can have oral stimulation.

She takes time to give them love, hugs, and kisses. Lori loves and cares for your dog like her own.

When it is scorching hot in the valley, Lori has been known to take pooches over the hill to the West side so they can walk in more comfortable temperatures.

Also, Lori has been great when Dustin has been sick and undergoing medical treatment. Sometimes he has been on some rather involved alternative health treatments. Lori made me feel comfortable because I knew that even while I was away, Dustin would still be receiving his medical treatments.

Also, once when I was running late for a flight, Lori brought her pack of dogs to the Westside. She picked up Dustin and walked the dogs in my neighborhood so I would not miss my international flight.

It gives me great peace of mind to know that when I am traveling, Dustin is having the time of his life with Lori!  

Jessica and Fonzie - Woodland Hills


I've been bringing my dog Fonzie to Lori for 8 years and now it's like his second home! Unlike other dog sitters she is diligent about outdoor time, taking them on long walks, hikes and to the park. It's like a doggy vacation! Fonzie loves the pack and never wants to leave. Lori's warmth and attention to detail make me trust her completely- she is a lifesaver!

Stephanie - Roxie and Jax

Lori is the #1 dog walker/trainer in the SFV. She has taken care of my Roxie for 7 years like she was her own. Every day is an adventure for the dogs that she takes care of. She took them hiking, swimming, and they were even better behaved when I got them back! I would not trust anyone else with my pups.

Josh and Simba - Encino

I have also used Lori for dog sitting while away and I was utterly blown away at how good she was at her job. She texted me video updates often, which really helped to put my mind at ease when leaving behind my precious puppy. She took him on walks, to the dog park, and even set up play dates in large back yards with other dogs for them to run around and have fun. All of which was recorded and sent to my phone! I'm fairly sure Simba was in a paradise that he never wanted to leave. The most unbelievable part was that she was training the guy here and there while he stayed with her. By the time I got him back, he had greatly improved on a lot of his basics. 

She was worth every single penny. I'm telling you that no dog sitting service would ever go this out of their way for your puppy. She really treated Simba better than I treat him. That's really saying something!

Robin Gertler and Zoey

Zoe and I just love Lori! She has walked and cared for Zoey for over six years. 

I never worry when Zoe is in Lori's care.

Dog - Scout in Calabasas

Lori Hoffman is Mary Poppins for dogs! My dog would be so happy to see her he would cry with excitement. Lori is knowledgeable, reliable and a great resource for any questions we had for her.

Hi! I'm Addy!

“My name is addy..

I love coming to stay with Lori..

She is so nice. Takes me for wonderful walks and is always happy to be with me. As I get closer to her house I get so happy and wag my owner deb loves her too. Lori sends her pictures of me on my doggie vacation so everyone is happy.

Doggie vacations with Lori is like going to camp. I'm always sad to leave and can't wait to comeback..

love. addy🐶”

Riley, Ginger, and Biscuit

Lori has been walking my dogs for a few years now. She is great with my dogs and always professional. She even sends a picture of the dogs at the dog park or wherever they are and they always look like they’re having fun! I would highly recommended her to anyone who wants to make sure that their “fur babies” are well taken care of.

Alene and Nicky

Lori has been looking after my dog, Nicky, for about ten years.  He adores her.  He is always happy to go to her house, knowing it is going to be a great day for him, with lots of running and hiking, fun and games with his friends. I also adore her.  Because Lori loves dogs and is very conscientious about making sure they are safe and well cared for, I always feel secure leaving Nicky with her. In addition, her rapport with the dogs and her ability to train them is awesome. I cannot recommend her more highly.

About Us


Lori has been taking care of Katie during our vacations for the past few years. She gives Katie lots of exercise and love and Katie seems to always be happy and not afraid when we drop her off at Lori‘s house.

I would definitely recommend Lori to anyone we know because she is genuinely caring, responsible and makes sure our aging dog he gets the right amount of exercise rather than just a short walk.